In view of the reopening of performing venues on 19 February, the Hong Kong Arts Festival announces changes to in-venue programmes. Please visit this page for details.

“More than Great Performances”

PLUS broadens your Festival experience to “More than Great Performances”. Through a diverse range of activities in community locations, PLUS aims to enhance audience engagement with the artists and their work. These include opera adventure day, lecture demonstrations, masterclasses, workshops, symposia, backstage visits, exhibitions, meet-the-artist sessions, guided cultural tours and films. 

In this exceptional year, PLUS embraces the digital and continuously strives to connect, to share and to inspire through the arts—both on and offstage. A hybrid line-up of online and in-venue programmes, including webinars and pre-performance talks where audience can meet artists and creatives to discover the unique stories behind the works, an online exhibition with maps, illustrations and interactive elements, a series of online documentaries that grant audiences a backstage pass to exciting shows, and a selection of cinema screenings that immerse you in the work of world-renowned performers.

Whether you’re an arts enthusiast or artist, we’re confident you’ll find something wonderful in this new format of PLUS activities.

Past Festival PLUS Websites

Past Festival PLUS programme guide

The Young Friends of the Hong Kong Arts Festival

The Young Friends of the Hong Kong Arts Festival is an integrated arts education and audience development programme designed to nurture young students' interest in the arts. Established in 1992, with the support of the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund, it has been an outstanding success proving to be very popular with students.

Young Friends offers its members the opportunity to attend two Festival programmes or rehearsals. In addition, the Young Friends organises various workshops, talks and backstage tours to enhance the appreciation of performing arts. The 2020/21 Young Friends has recruited over 5,200 members from 117 secondary schools and 30 tertiary institutions, and Young Friends activities have reached over 15,000 students.

Digital Arts Education Platform

Welcome to the Digital Arts Education Platform of the Hong Kong Arts Festival! We are delighted to share a broad spectrum of arts educational materials on this new platform. We hope that you will find the resources interesting, and enjoy exploring the infinite possibilities of the arts with us.

Driven by its educational principle, “LEARN, EXPLORE, CREATE”, the Hong Kong Arts Festival offers a broad spectrum of arts education activities throughout the year, examples of which include the Young Friends programme, the Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Student Matinee Programme, and more. Curated with the aim of developing students’ interest and appreciation in the performing arts, these arts educations activities provide students with range of ancillary information before, during and after the performances.

As technology continues to advance in our society, HKAF periodically makes adjustments to adapt to prevailing conditions. Our arts education activities are now offered in person and via online platforms, allowing our productions to develop in various forms to meet the diverse needs of schools and students. With a focus in harnessing Arts Tech, we are also exploring the emerging field of interdisciplinary arts development to push students’ understanding of the arts and their imaginations to the next level.