In view of the reopening of performing venues on 19 February, the Hong Kong Arts Festival announces changes to in-venue programmes. Please visit this page for details.



Hallé Orchestra

Conductors: James Loughran, Maurice Handford
Soloists: Annie Edwards (soprano), John Lill, John McCabe (piano), Nigel Kennedy (violin), Music Group of London

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductors: Stig Westerberg, Herbert Blomstedt
Soloists: Janis Martin (soprano), Michel Béroff (piano), Boris Belkin (violin)

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Ling Tung
Soloists: Susan Starr, Etsko Tazaki (piano)

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Conductor: Ng Tai-kong
Soloists: Choi Sown-lee (piano), Wong On-yuen (zhonghu), Lam Fung (pipa)

Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra
Conductors: Thomas Wang, Lui Ki-ling
Geoffrey Weaver & Hong Kong Combined Schools choir

The Music Office Instructors’ Chinese Orchestra
Conductor: Tong Leung-tak

Music Group of London

Atarah’s Band

The Songmakers’ Almanac

Music by Hong Kong Composers



Piano: Michel Béroff, John Lill

Violin: Boris Belkin (Irina Zaritskaya, piano), Nigel Kennedy (Shuku Iwasaki, piano)

Organ: Robert Rayfield


Music Theatre




Studio One


Midnite Follies Orchestra

Don Burrows and George Golla Duo



Louis Falco Dance Company

The Chinese Opera and Dance Drama Troupe from Peking



Old Vic Company

Bob Berky

Pam Ayres

Prunella Scales & Timothy West

Chung Ying Theatre Company



Work on Paper by Sam Francis

Chinese Porcelain