In view of the reopening of performing venues on 19 February, the Hong Kong Arts Festival announces changes to in-venue programmes. Please visit this page for details.


  • “HKAF is one of the world’s largest performing arts festivals.”

  • “There will always be appetite for Shakespeare, but it is refreshing to see that next year’s (i.e. 2017’s) offerings are all contemporary and wonderfully relevant.”

  • “It was a pleasant surprise therefore to find that this year the festival line-up has a strong interactive constituent.”

    -China Daily (HK Edition)
  • “For a quarter of a century the Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) team has been quietly working away at building an informed audience for the shows they bring to the city every year. […] Since 1992, HKAF has reached out to 713,000 students in Hong Kong's secondary schools and universities, giving talks and workshops, engaging them in fun, interactive games, hoping to get young minds interested in the live shows they bring to the city. Among the numbers they managed to win over, an astounding 153,000 have signed up for a Young Friends membership so far.”

    - China Daily (HK Edition)
  • “Part of why Hong Kong is known as an arts and culture mecca is due to an ongoing arts festival that has been highlighting local talent as well as bringing stunning artists from all parts of the world together each year for a month long celebration of the arts.”

    - The Huffington Post


  • “The Hong Kong Arts Festival, now in its 44th edition, is the largest performing arts event on the city’s cultural calendar, if not in scale then certainly in its ability to bring together world class artists.”

  • “The Hong Kong Arts Festival has the knack of choosing high quality opera productions which, although not necessarily the best-known in the genre, make for truly enjoyable experiences.”

  • “From traditional Peking and Cantonese operas to Italian classic operas and American ballet, from modern Hong Kong theatre to contemporary Asian dance series, the breadth and depth of the 2013 Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) was impressive.”

    -Global Times (Europe)
  • “With a large number and variety of shows from around the world and a schedule that allows me to watch a show every weekday and two on weekends, I always find my visit to Hong Kong this time of year to be very fruitful and inspiring. ..With 95 per cent of the tickets sold every year, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has definitely struck the right chord with its audience.”

    - The Nation (Thailand)