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Photos of the 41st Hong Kong Arts Festival Kick-off Press Conference

October 08th, 2012

The 2013 Hong Kong Arts Festival Kick-off Press Conference was held on 8 October, announcing details on 145 performances, featuring 32 ensembles and solo artists from overseas and 17 from Hong Kong.

The press conference was hosted by Ronald Arculli, new Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society; Tisa Ho, Executive Director; and Grace Lang, Programme Director. Over 145 guests attended the press conference: journalists from Hong Kong and Mainland China; representatives from the arts community; members of supporting and sponsoring organizations; and artists participating in the 2013 HKAF.

The Hon Ronald Arculli, Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society, giving a speech at the Press Conference of the 41st HKAF

41st HKAF Kick-off Press Conference

Guests viewing the video highlights of 41st HKAF

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series showcases the talents of young local choreographers.  Programme presenter, funder, and artists are pictured together here – (from left to right) Ms Tisa Ho (HKAF Executive Director), Ms Florine Tang (Executive Manager, Charities, HKJC), Mr Rock Fang (Choreographer), The Hon Ronald Arculli (HKAF Chairman), Mr Douglas So (Executive Director, Charities, HKJC), Mr Yang Hao (Choreographer), and Mr Wong Tan-ki (Choreographer). 

Finely-selected Cantonese opera productions will be offered at the 2013 Hong Kong Arts Festival. Pictured together are (from left to right) HKAF’s Ms Katy Cheng and Ms Tisa Ho, Cantonese opera artists Ms Li Pui-yin, Ms Wai Chun-fai, Ms Nam Fung, Mr Danny Li Chi-kei, Mr Lung Koon-tin and Mr Sun Kim-long, and HKAF’s Ms Linda Yip

Mr Fredric Mao, Director (middle) and Ms He Jiping, Playwright (left) of Beijing Opera Empress Dowager Cixi and Princess Deling together with Ms Mandy Wong, Head of Corporate Communications (right) of Wing Lung Bank, sponsor of the Programme. 

Ms Angela Mackay, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, Financial Times (right) with Ms Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society (left)

Ms Grace Lam, Vice President, Public & Government Affairs – Hong Kong & Southern China, ExxonMobil Hong Kong (left) together with Pianist Mr Piao Xingji (right) in front of the ExxonMobil Vision programme panel

From left to right – Ms Yan Yu, librettist, and Mr Chan Hing-yan, composer, of the Chamber Opera Heart of Coral together with Ms Grace Lang, HKAF Programme Director 

Ms Wong Wing-sze, Playwright of Smear together with Ms Tisa Ho, Executive Director of HKAF

Mr Tang Wai-kit (left), actor of Smear together with Mr So Kwok-wan, Associate Programme Director of HKAF

Mr Ng Cheuk-yin, composer and sheng player in Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Ms Wong Wing-sze, playwright of Smear, together with Mr Michael Ning, actor of Smear

Representatives of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society are pictured here with representatives of sponsors and funding bodies, as well as artists of the 2013 Hong Kong Arts Festival

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