In view of the reopening of performing venues on 19 February, the Hong Kong Arts Festival announces changes to in-venue programmes. Please visit this page for details.

Online Performances
Available for Purchase or Register: 17 Dec 2021 (Fri) onwards

In addition to in-venue performances, online shows are also one of the highlights in the 50th HKAF. Major ticketed programmes are Wonder Boy by the Bristol Old Vic, TM by Ontroerend Goed and To Be A Machine (Version 1.0) by the Dead Centre (Ireland). You can also enjoy a number of free performances from world class troupes, including the National Theatre Brno from the Czech Republic and the Paris Opera Ballet through our online video platform.

For free-of-charge programmes – “Register Now”

    1. Enter your email address for online registration from 17 December 2021 onwards.
    2. You will receive a confirmation email upon our successful registration.
    3. Please visit the HKAF website or respective online performance platforms, and enter your registered email address to watch the shows within the available period.

For ticketed programmes – “Book Now”

  1. Ticketing for online programmes will begin on 17 December 2021. You can pay by credit card when purchasing them at HKAF website. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay and PayPal. Follow the steps and enter all necessary details. A confirmation email will be sent upon successful payment. Please follow the instructions of the performance accordingly, and log in to the online portal to enjoy the show.

FAQs for Online Performances

How do I register for free online performances?

  1. Enter your email address for online registration by clicking “Register Now” on the programme page
  2. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is successful
  3. Please log in to the HKAF website or the online performance platform and enter your registered email to watch the performance

How do I know if my browser, device, network or location is suitable for viewing the performance?

Before registering or purchasing your online ticket, we recommend you try the following testing link to see if you can access the performance with your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Please click here for a sample video

Some performances are available in Hong Kong only. Please refer to the individual programme webpages.

Due to licensing restrictions, our performances may not be viewable in mainland China and other territories.

When will I receive the actual link to the performance?

You will receive the link by email at least 48 hours before the performance begins. If you do not receive the link, please contact as soon as possible.

Can I record or download the show?

No. All performances are copyrighted, and recording or downloading of any sort is prohibited.

Can I watch the performance on my TV?

When an option of casting is available in your video player, it is possible to cast a performance to your TV via Chromecast or Apple TV. Casting to TVs is, however, subject to the restrictions of your device and/or operating system. We may also limit the capability of casting due to production requirements.

Can I share my link with anyone else?

Only one device can access a performance for each ticket or registration.

I can’t see the performance or it is not running smoothly. What should I do?

There are several quick fixes you can try:

  • If you are using a mobile device, refresh your page. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, clear the cache on your browser (Windows: Ctrl + F5 / Mac: Command + Shift + R)
  • Turn off other applications active on your device. Use an alternate browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and check to see if the problem continues
  • Use another device if applicable
  • We do not recommend trying to access the links in a connected/smart TV browser

Do your productions have subtitles?

There are subtitles for some performances. When you have started playing a performance, press or click the “CC” button on the bottom of the video player to show the subtitles. You may also choose the language of the subtitles, subject to availability.

What browsers do I need?

Videos can be watched on Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. For optimum viewing, we recommend updating your browser to the latest version.

How can I contact you if I have urgent technical difficulties?

If you cannot find the solution above, you can contact us by Facebook private message (

Is your site secure?

Data transferred from this website, from the video provider and other sources is transmitted via encrypted protocols.

PLUS Programmes

The Festival also features over a wide range of free online PLUS programmes, which include conversations with artists, pre-performance talks, exhibitions and film screenings. Most of them will be available, on an unlimited basis, on the Festival website and Facebook page before the related main programmes are staged. Regardless of your background and interests, you will be able to enjoy the performances to their fullest and get a deeper understanding of respective works and artists.

Select your PLUS programme to watch on the Festival website. Register your email to watch them for an unlimited time after their first performances.

For more information on online performances, please visit individual performance webpages. You may also direct your inquiries to

For ticketed performance, please read our Conditions of Sale before placing your order.